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Innocap’s Dedicated Managed Account Model

Over the years, Innocap has developed a rigorous dedicated managed account model to assist asset owners in assessing their investment options. Innocap’s managed account model is highly customizable thereby providing asset owners with, among other things, the flexibility to determine their level of involvement.

Managed Account Ecosystem

Innocap guides asset owners during the pre-investment phase, but more importantly provides them with independent oversight during their holding period. Throughout the life of their investments, asset owners benefit from ongoing services and reporting. Be it on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis, asset owners have access to the tools they need to monitor their investments and performance and to make informed investment decisions.

À la Carte

Combining its diverse in-house expertise with an open architecture, Innocap has the capacity to build bespoke overlay solutions from a menu of available services.

For more information about Innocap’s à la carte solutions, please contact us.